PADI Divemaster Course in Cape Town

3 Reasons to do your PADI Divemaster Course in Cape Town

Over the past few years Cape Town’s popularity as a diving destination has grown significantly. A catalyst to this growth has been the popularisation of shark diving. With over 5 species of sharks that can pretty much be guaranteed by operators, our waters have gained an unmatched popularity for these creatures.

Another activity that is very quickly growing in this area is snorkelling with seals. This is an amazing activity where both divers and snorkelers can experience what it’s like to be in the water with mammals.

Both activities above are however very much tourist attractions. While they are dive sites that everyone should visit if they haven’t done so before, this is not where Cape Town’s diving peaks. We have an array of ship wrecks and reefs that are more biodiverse than those found in many tropical areas. The Cape waters are incredibly nutrient rich, this is the reason for all the large animals we dive with, you can find more information on this by reading our article on the “Benefits Of Diving The Cape’s Cold Waters”.

But this article is not about promoting our scenery, so let’s get down to the reasons you should do your PADI Divemaster course in Cape Town:

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor: this old English proverb has proven itself time and time again. While our waters can often be mirror flat, they can also become very challenging. The combination of below 18 degree temperatures and all year round swell makes for a very unpredictable environment. This cocktail of conditions allows rapid growth in Divemaster candidate’s abilities to judge their environment.

Unlimited amount of shore diving sites: shore diving gives Divemaster candidates the ability to build on their personal navigation and exploration skills. Most dive operators in the world visit the same dive sites daily on either a live aboard or smaller vessel and through the year visit an average of 25 dive sites. In Cape Town we have more dive sites than you could possibly visit during your course. In Simon’s Town alone there are more than 20 shore diving sites that are mapped in detail. While Simon’s Town has a handful of dive sites, the Cape Town area has dozens more, if you combine Hout Bay, Gordon’s Bay, Camps Bay and Rooi Els you can more than quadruple that! Keep in mind that these are the sites that have been mapped with detailed descriptions. There are still many sites that are often dived but have not yet been documented.

The perfect place to start technical diving: technical diving is the perfect training to run alongside your training. While the Divemaster course gets you clued up on how to work with certified and uncertified divers, technical diving will teach you much more about the theory behind decompression and how to be a safer and more self-aware diver. You will learn to gauge your limits and understand exactly what is happening during your dive profile. What makes Cape Town so special for technical diving is that it has the perfect topography to go from tec 40 all the way to tec trimix while diving amazing wrecks all the way to the bottom. Many destinations are very limited in their dive sites, so when you do higher level courses there isn’t much to see at depth. We can show you exactly why they call this place the “cape of storms”.

So if you’ve been thinking about where you should be doing your PADI Divemaster course please make sure you consider this awesome and incredibly different environment. We guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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