The all new Apeks RK3 Technical Diving Fins review.

Apeks RK3 Fins Review

Recently I tried out the Apeks RK3 fins. These fins have had much research go in to them, and mostly they are the perfect fins for anyone who is doing recreational or technical diving.

They are made from thermoplastic rubber that’s designed to maintain the shape and make then fins endure harsh environments. They have a smooth design with no weak points that could cause the fins to snag and tear.

Apeks RK3 SCUBA Diving Fins Review

Apeks RK3 SCUBA Diving Fins

The vented design of the fins has for a long time been the accepted shape by state departments and the military and has proven to be an excellent shape for an array of different environments.

The fins also have a hole cut in to the tips of the blades. The hole can be used during shore entries in conjunction with a double end bolt snap, this leaves a diver with their hands free for when they walk over rocks and try maintain balance. The holes can also be used for storage purposes.

Overall the fins are very well refined, the spring straps are top quality and incorporate a original buckle that keeps the straps in the perfect place.

While these fins have many strengths, they still do have some disadvantages. The robust blades are great in confined places and are designed in such a way that they last through many years of punishment, they are however very soft, and moving fast through the water or swimming in to a current can be much more challenging. If you dive in open water that has some currents or large distances you need to cover then a more rigid and long fin would do a better job.

So overall this fin is definitely worth the price tag of roughly 150US depending on where in the world you buy it. The support on these fins is also great and exactly what you expect the support of any Apeks product to be.

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