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Some interesting reading material centered around developing your understanding on what effects the underwater environment has on you.

PADI Divemaster and Instructor Courses

Looking for Adventure? Become a PADI Dive Instructor!

The oceans cover 70 % of our earth. Knowing that, it’s always baffling to realize we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the abysses of our own waters. That is why it’s riveting to make a career out of exploring our liquid world and introduce other people to it. Welcome to your […]


The Opah Explained – Nicholas Wegner’s findings

It has been a breakthrough discovery in the world of Ichthyology and biology fields alike. Previously believed that all fish were cold-blooded. A recent study has found that there is an exception. The Opah. Lampris Guttatus or more commonly known as ‘Opah’ has recently been recognized as the first entirely warm blooded species of fish […]

Cape Fur seals legislation

What’s happening with our seals?

Yesterday we went to Hout Bay harbour to hear what our representatives in the DA have to say about the amendments to existing legislation, called NEMBA (The National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act), which talks about the limitations of approaching seal colonies. This Act sets out various regulations regarding both the marine and other wildlife in South […]