Do your PADI Advanced Open Water Course in Cape Town.

Tips when doing your PADI Advanced Diving Course

Doing your PADI Advanced diving course in Cape Town is an absolutely exhilarating experience! During this program divers will learn the basics of navigation and also experience going below 18 meters.

While the above two experiences make part of the core modules of the Advanced course this is not all you will experience. Divers get the chance to choose a further 3 adventure dives, and this is where Cape Town’s diving really starts to show its diversity!

Below are the 3 adventure dives worth doing on your advanced course:

  1. Wreck Diving – this is a great way to start getting in to the “wreck-head” community. Many divers around the world are completely hooked on wreck diving, and spend most of their diving searching for mysteries around these vessels. Cape Town has a huge array of wrecks, including old decommissioned ships and ships who in the past have fallen prey to the rough seas. This is a great platform in which to introduce you to this subculture that you really shouldn’t miss out on.
  2. Night Diving – there are many shore diving sites in the Cape that are perfect for night. Because of this night diving has become a very popular activity where groups are out diving new sites at night on a weekly basis. Once you’ve done the adventure dive you can join in on these dives. If you have busy weekends or find it hard getting off during the day, this may be just what you need to keep your diving adventures alive!
  3. Dry suit diving – this is one of the most underrated pieces of equipment in Cape Town. While wetsuits and semi-dry suits are able to get you through a dive, they are still very limited in their ability to keep you warm and comfortable. Dry suits have been very expensive in the past, however with previously owned imported suits being readily available and manufacturers releasing budget options, a dry suit is not all that much more expensive than a good wetsuit anymore. Getting to understand these suits will add loads of comfort to your diving experiences in colder waters.

So if you’re planning on doing your PADI Advanced Open Water course please keep these adventure dives in mind when you speak to your Instructor. There’s so much to be discovered in the waters of False Bay and the Cape Peninsula, all you need is the right platform with which to start the adventure.

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