Cape Town women's dive day

PADI Women’s Dive Day – Join us for some Cape Town diving!

On the 18th of July we will be celebrating the PADI Women’s Dive Day, so come out and join us for some Cape Town diving!

Diving has for a very long time been considered a man’s world, this is however quickly changing. So far it has changed so much that it is barely noticeable in the recreational and professional levels. However we are in desperate need to get some ladies in to the exploration levels. We need more ladies to join our technical diving teams to help add a dynamic that’s very much needed! And to show our appreciation for this change we will be celebrating the PADI Women’s Dive Day by making it an absolute must for all the Cape Town ladies to get in to the blue!

Our main offer for this day is the half price Discover SCUBA Diving program. So if you have any friends or family that have shown interest in SCUBA, but haven’t had the money to give it a go, please pass them this message! For only R399.00 we will take you out for a 4 hour experience where you will experience the underwater world at Longbeach, Simon’s Town.

Other offers include half price on equipment rental and boat launches for only R200.00!

Launches and shore dives will be announced on the Wednesday before the 18th. You can however already book on to the boat to make sure you get a spot! The schedule is currently as follows:

Dive 1 – Launch to a Deep Wreck – R200 for ladies and R350 for gents

Dive 2 – Launch to a Reef – R200 for ladies and R350 for gents

Dive 3 – Shore Dive – R75 for ladies and R150 for gents

If you have any questions or if you would like to book on to any of these dives please let us know by calling the shop on 0217861261 or dropping us a mail on

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