Top 3 snorkeling sites including seals, sharks and a kelp forest.

Top 3 Sites for Snorkeling in Cape Town

Cape Town may have temperate waters, but don’t be fooled in to thinking that there aren’t any snorkeling opportunities! While snorkeling is generally perceived as an activity people do in warm and tropical areas, Cape Town has something special that’s definitely worth checking out!

In the past few years we have noticed the snorkeling community growing, primarily due to the popularization of our Cape Fur seal colonies. But our furry friends are no longer the center of attention with kelp forests, Blue sharks & Mako sharks growing popular at a staggering pace!

So here are the 3 must see spots when Snorkeling in Cape Town:

Seal Island

The Cape Fur seals are pretty much underwater puppies! These animals are really playful and often come up to snorkelers to interact. They love swimming around and showing off their underwater acrobatics, often bumping in to snorkelers!

Many people are initially frightened by the confidence these animals show in their approach to humans. However this is an empty fear, as there is nothing to worry about if you listen carefully to the charter’s briefing before your snorkel session.

The seals need to be approached responsibly. While this is a very safe activity you must keep an eye on the Divemaster leading the dive as the conditions at the rocks can be quite rough sometimes and you may risk getting a bit too close to the breaking waves.

Blue & Mako Sharks

This is an activity that has been around the Cape Town area for quite some time now! The sharks are located 20km off Cape Point and bait is used to lure them in. While “chumming” can be done irresponsibly, to our knowledge the Blue & Mako chumming is done in accordance with all the regulations, thus offering a safe and sustainable experience.

This is a very expensive trip, ranging from R1800.00 to R2500.00, due to the long distance you would need to travel by boat. But if you can afford it, you won’t regret it!

Miller’s Point

This is the most visited spot by snorkelers, free divers and SCUBA divers. Access to this site is easy as all you need to do is walk in from the shore.

There is so much to see here that one session just won’t be enough. Some locals have been visiting the site for over a decade now, yet they still find something new and interesting every time!

The main attractions are of course a mixture of potential 7 Gill Cow Shark and Gully Shark sightings. There is also a very healthy kelp forest growing at the site with a big variety of species benefiting from the shelter it provides.

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