Cape Town Diving Packages

Bronze 1 Day Cape Town Diving

If you are passing through Cape Town and would like to get a quick experience of some of the best SCUBA diving we have on offer then we highly recommend taking the Bronze 1 Day Cape Town diving package. This includes 2 dives to the top species specific dives in Southern Africa.

Dive 1 - Kelp Forests at Shark Alley

This is a really amazing dive where we go to one of the most beautiful kelp forests in the Cape. During your dive you will experience what it's like to swim with these prehistoric fish, while at the same time standing a very good chance at seeing more than 5 other species of shark. On top of all of this you will also have an opportunity to see octopus, steenbrass and much more life!

The 7 Gill Cow sharks are a rare sight these days due to many environmental factors. However, this dive site is filled with life and some of the most amazing underwater topography in Cape Town!

There's a huge variety of nudibranchs and all kinds of temperate water reef life. The kelp forest is an incredible backdrop on most diving around Cape Town and False Bay, which adds a really amazing ambiance to any dive.

The temperature on this dive site can vary from 18 degrees in summer down to 14 degrees in winter. While this may be colder temperatures than most divers are used to, we are rigged out with the right equipment to make the dives warm and comfortable.

Maximum depth: 14 metres

Watch the video here!

Dive 2 - Cape Fur Seals at Seal Rock

These are our adorable underwater dogs that simply cannot wait to play. During this dive you will have the opportunity to dive with more seals than you can possibly count. While you dive they will come close enough that you can almost touch them, and often they will imitate whatever you do. This experience is not to be missed!

The seals are probably our most frequented visit. Even the locals who have been diving Cape Town for ages love going back to Partridge point and saying hello to the underwater puppies. This site is not only visited for the seals, many locals love diving Partridge point for the incredible topography the site offers. There are huge sea fans, colourful sponges, nudibranchs popping out of every crevice and overhangs that will keep you busy for days on end!

Because of the presence of seals in such high numbers, the water around this site gets different is nutrient dense, and thus very different to other kelp forests you’ll see while diving Cape Town. This makes for some very interesting scenery around the island, so even if the seals are something you’re not all that interested in, the biodiversity will have you in awe!

Maximum depth: 18 metres

Watch the video here!


Price: R1999 for both dives.

This fee includes:
  • Equipment Rental
  • Boat Fees
  • Divemaster
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Silver 2 Day Cape Town Diving

The silver package includes the 2 species specific dives from the bronze package along with some local wreck diving. The Cape has always been famous for its bounty of wrecks, and we guarantee that we won't disappoint you with our choice of these!

False Bay and the Cape Peninsula have many wrecks that have been sunk for various reasons. The most popular of those are the Smitswinkel wrecks and the Pietermaritzburg. These wrecks all carry some vey interesting stories and have sunk in places that are well protected. Due to the time they have been underwater, they have become really beautiful artificial reefs. Diving a wreck that is overgrown is an incredible experience, especially when there’s marine life on the wrecks that cant be found anywhere else in such abundance! From the horse-fish on Smitswinkel wrecks to the huge variety of nudibranchs on the PMB, diving in Cape Town won’t be complete without some shipwrecks!

Dive 3 - PMB (SAS Pietermaritzburg) Wreck Dive

This is an absolutely amazing dive to an old minesweeper that was sunk on 12 November 1994 to form an artificial reef. It's a great way to get in to wreck diving. There's a lot of life in and around the wreck to observe, and even though the wreck is in rapid decay, it has maintained its form.

Maximum depth: 28 metres (most of the dive is done at 18 metres, so this is suitable for Open Water divers)

Dive 4 - Dive the famous Smitswinkel Wrecks

These wrecks are the most popular to dive by residents and visitors of Cape Town. There are 5 wrecks all of which were sunk in order to form an artificial reef. The wrecks are at a depth of 30 metres where the surge does not manage to cause the rapid decay seen with shallower ones. The marine life around these wrecks has grown to a point where its full of life such as cat sharks, horse fish, nudibranches and much more!


Price: R3250 for all four dives.

This fee includes:
  • Equipment Rental
  • Boat Fees
  • Divemaster
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Gold 3 Day Cape Town Diving

The gold package includes the 2 species specific dives from the bronze package, 2 wreck dives from the silver package and some Atlantic side diving. We are privileged enough in the Cape to have two oceans to choose from, both with their own kind of beauty. For you last day with us we highly recommend checking out these dive sites.

Dive 5 - Justin's Caves at Oudekraal 

This takes a rocky reef to a whole new level. Justin's Caves is one of those surreal dives where absolutely anything can happen. This site is located on Cape Town's side of the peninsula and offers some great swim throughs and a huge bounty of life!

Maximum depth: 12 metres (most of the dive is done at 18 metres, so this is suitable for Open Water divers)

Dive 6 - MV Boss 400 & SS Oakburn Wreckage

Not so much of the SS Oakburn is recognisable anymore, however since it was wrecked in 1906 much life has gathered around it. The main attraction of this dive is definitely the Boss 400, which in 1994 ran ashore due to rough conditions eventually breaking the tow line between the crane and tug boat. This wreckage is very special as it sticks out on top and can still be dived more than 20 metres down. It's a constantly changing wreck due to it's decomposition, recently in 2010 the helicopter platform collapsed in to the water. This is definitely a real treat for the true wreck head!

Price: R4700 for all six dives.

This fee includes:
  • Equipment Rental 
  • Boat Fees
  • Divemaster
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