Air & Nitrox Filling Station

We have a top of the range filling station that's powered by a super silent BAUER compressor. We also have many storage banks that can supply quick air when we need to.

Our air is of higher quality than required and regular checks are done in order to maintain this standard. You can rest assured that your cylinder is not getting contaminated while it's with us.

We also do Nitrox fills and can reach any percentage that you require. We will however need proof of certification that allows you to use the desired percentage.

For prices on fills please check out our filling pricelist.

Air & Nitrox Filling Rates

Item Cost
Air Fill R45
Nitrox Fill (32% to 36%) R70
Filling Card For Air - 10 Fills R400
Filling Card For Nitrox - 10 Fills R600

Terms & Conditions apply, these prices may change without notice.