Equipment Rental Department

We have the largest rental department in Cape Town which caters for everyone. You can get almost anything you would possibly need for any sort of diving in our rental department, even Sidemount equipment!

We are completely prepared to cater for both recreational and technical divers. Whether you need a full set of equipment to go dive at Long Beach or a stage cylinder to do a technical dive, you will get it here!

We also have GoPros with lighting for rental for those of you that want to share the experiences with others!

For more information on our rental deprtment please check out the rental pricelist!

Equipment Rental Rates

Item Cost
BCD (Buoyancy Compensating Device) R85
Regulator R85
Cylinder R85
Weight Belt R35
Wetsuit for cold water SCUBA R85
Boots R35
Fins R35
Gloves R35
Mask R35
Twin-Cylinders R170
Stage Cylinder R85
Full Equipment Rental R400
Hard Gear ONLY Rental (BCD, Reg & Cylinder) R220

All equipment rental prices are per day. If you would like to rent SCUBA equipment for an extended period of time please contact us for a quote.

Terms & Conditions apply, these prices may change without notice.