SCUBA Diving Shop

We have a fully stocked shop that only holds SCUBA diving equipment of the highest quality. We do not fill our shelves with everything or the market, we only choose the best.

We stock brands such as Aqualung which is the first manufacturer of diving equipment, founded by the father of diving Jacques Cousteau. Another brand we stock which is a favourite amount technical divers, Apeks.

We also stock items we believe are great from other brands such as Whites Drysuits, Technisub, Seaquest and much more.

You will find we have a variety of items that make up our three categories, these are:

Entry Level Diving Equipment: This is a combination of equipment for those of you who are looking at getting started with your diving chapter and want something affordable that lasts. Our mission is to facilitate diving and make it enjoyable, due to this we are against selling equipment that isn't going to leave you completely satisfied.

Mid-range Level Diving Equipment: This is a combination of equipment that is a bit more versatile. You will get items that offer more comfort and can also be used for diving beyond entry level requirements. We usually recommend this range of equipment to those of you that aim to in the future continue your education to different depths and environments.

Premium Level Diving Equipment: Our premium range is nicknamed the "bulletproof" range. This equipment is the best in its field, with all aspects such as comfort, durability and adaptability in mind we can guarantee that if you buy this equipment it will last for a lifetime.