SCUBA Workshop

Our servicing department is one of the best in the Cape Town area. The fully equipped workshop caters for almost any regulator and BCD on the market. Whether your equipment needs to be repaired or just serviced, we will sort it out for you.

We will also do cylinder visual tests, hydrostatic test and even oxygen clean your cylinder so it can be used for Nitrox.

For more information regarding the servicing department please have a look at our servicing pricelist.

SCUBA Workshop

Oxygen Cleaning of Cylinder R220
Visual Inspection of Cylinder + Air Fill R130
Hydrostatic Test of Cylinder + Air Fill R110
Eddy Current Test of Aluminium Cylinder R120
Regulator Service R165 (excluding service pack)
BCD Service R85 (excluding service pack)

Terms & Conditions apply, these prices may change without notice.