What should I know when I attend a PADI SCUBA diving course at Ollava?

  1. How do I know I qualify to attend a course?
    All you do to check the prerequisites of the course you intend on attending is go to the "Training" option in the menu bar. When the menu appears choose the course from the list and click on it. When the course outline page appears just look for the prerequisite tab. Once you open this tab you will find all the information regarding the course you plan on attending.
  2. How long is a course?
    All courses have their specific schedules. In the outline page of each course you will find a tab with the course schedule. The schedule is divided into days, each day is allocated a specific date when you sign up to the course. The schedule is weather dependant.
  3. Why do you only run PADI courses?
    PADI is currently the largest training organisation in the world. More than 75% of the world's divers hold a PADI certification. We believe that giving you this certification is the only way of guaranteeing that you will have no problems diving beyond Cape Town. For more information on PADI please visit www.padi.com.
  4. What do I need to bring with me when I attend a course?
    On the first day of attending a course you will receive the course specific materials, these will then need to be brought along on every other day you attend the course. Items that are required for you to bring along are:
    • ID
    • Bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit
    • Filled out medical form with a Dr note if applicable
    Other items that are highly recommended are:
    • Towel
    • Sunscreen
    • Any diving equipment you may already have
  5. How many people will attend the course with me?
    At Ollava we strive to run the best quality PADI and EFR courses in Cape Town, because of this we limit group size. Our courses are limited to a maximum of 4 people unless we are specifically asked to increase the group size due to a larger number wanting to do the course together.
  6. When do I receive my certification card? 
    As soon as you complete your PADI or EFR course you will receive a temporary certification that will be printed at the Ollava shop in Simon's Town and signed by your PADI Instructor. Your original certification card takes between 2 and 4 weeks to arrive from the UK, once it arrives you will be notified to come and fetch it. If you are incapable of fetching it from our facility then it will be sent to you by mail.