PADI Deep Diver

So you've done your PADI Advanced Open Water course, you have experience the rush from going deeper. You love it and you want more. This is where every PADI Deep diver comes from, the absolute passing with seeing new underwater environments.

The PADI Deep Diver course opens up many doors. You will now be able to dive to the maximum recreational depth of 40 metres. This will allow for you to dive those sites you've always heard Instructors and the experienced divers talk about, but never been able to experience for yourself.

During this course you will learn about the risks associated with diving deep, and how to best avoid them. You will also learn about planning your dives properly.

This specialty together with the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox specialty are required for those of you who are building up to the PADI Technical Diving courses.

Day 1 - Introduction and Theory: You come to collect your PADI Deep Diver materials from our Simon's Town facility. We will then brief you with regards to the self study portion you need to complete at home. This should take no longer than 3 hours.

Day 2 - Theory and Skill Development: We will cover all the theory you completed at home. Once all theory is covered we will move on to doing a dive to between 18 metres and 24 metres. During this dive you will be eased in to the deep diving world by only being exposed to an environment very similar to the one you are used to.

Day 3 - Skill Development: This is the most intensive day of the course as you will be doing deep dives. These dives will be between the depths of 24 metres and 32 metres. You will be required to go through an array of skills during these dives.

Day 4 - On the last day of the course it all comes down to the reason you signed up. We will do a dive below 32 metres to a maximum depth of 40 metres. This dive will be on one of the top sites in South Africa, the Fleur! Once all the diving is done and you completed the last dive demonstrating mastery at all the skills, you will receive the PADI Deep Diver certification.


The PADI Deep Diver Course has a massive emphasis on the practical aspects required to take your diving skills to greater depths. With this said, the theory is not at all overlooked. You will have to complete a self-study portion of the course that covers the deep diving risks, planning and skills required to safely undertake this adventure.

You will receive the PADI Deep Diver manual at our Simon's Town facility on the first day of training, in this manual you have a sequence of knowledge reviews that you will need to complete. These knowledge reviews will be marked and discussed on the second day of training. We believe that before we get in the water the theory section of this course needs to be fully understood. This helps to prevent many misunderstandings from happening later on during the Skill Development and Assessment stages of the course.

Skills Development

This section of the course has 3 dives to depths between 18 metres and 32 metres. We slowly progress from one depth to a deeper one to gradually get you used to the new environments. During these dives we practice different procedures, one of them being breathing from an alternate air source that is suspended at a safety stop.

The dives are sequenced as follows:

Dive 1: between the depths of 18 metres and 24 metres

Dive 2 and 3: between the depths of 24 metres and 32 metres


On the final dive of this course you will be going down to a depth deeper than 32 metres. If conditions permit we usually go to an amazing dive site called the Fleur. This site offers a great platform for completing the course with a maximum dive depth of 40 metres!

You will be required to demonstrate mastery in your understanding of being a deep diver. You will do this by being completely self sufficient on the dive. Once the dive is over and you have successfully met all the requirements, you will be awarded the PADI Deep Diver certification.

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