Too young to dive? Well maybe that isn't actually the case. If you are 8 years or older and interested in SCUBA diving, then you aren't too young!

Ollava SCUBA is so far the only PADI Dive Centre to offer a fully comprehensive program to children. The program runs over a whole year, and has many fun and educational modules!

Throughout the year we present the kids with 8 sessions, each session with its own theme and lesson. These range from activities such as setting up and maintaining the equipment all the way through to even doing a night dive!

The PADI SEAL team program is also a way for children to prepare themselves for the PADI Open Water Course for when they reach the correct age to take part in it. The Open Water course is an absolute breeze for someone who has already built up a good background on the skills.

This program might seem very detailed and thus expensive, but that's really not the truth, the course is very affordable and payable in 4 instalments through the year!

  • Be 8 years or older.
  • Be medically fit to SCUBA dive (click here for the PADI medical questionnaire)

Day 1 - Introduction and handing out of materials. If there's time children will also get the chance to set up equipment and even go for a dive!!

Day 2 - Aquamission 1

Day 3 - Aquamission 2

Day 4 - Aquamission 3

Day 5 - Aquamission 4

Day 6 - Aquamission 5

Day 7 - Aquamission - chosen from a list

Day 8 - Aquamission - chosen from a list

For more information on the above sections please read below.


The PADI SEAL Team theory is made up of a single log book that is used to summarise every experience.

The children will meet with their PADI Instructor and start the session with a small segment of theory. This is done with the usage of a DVD that will outline the points they will cover and value of this knowledge.

There is no exam portion to this course, most of the learning is done through practical experience.

Skills Development

During the practical portion of the course children will need to go through skills in two different environments, the first being at the surface and the second being underwater.

During the surface portion children will need to demonstrate an understanding of how to make a shallow water entry and put on and adjust equipment. As they advance they will also learn how to inflate and deflate their BCD (Buoyancy Compensating Device) using the low-pressure inflator. On their last basic skills Aquamission they will cover a regulator and snorkel exchange and learn how to orally inflate their BCDs.

As for the underwater portion, this is where the bulk of activities lay. Children will do skills such as controlling depth and direction, equalizing ears and mask, monitoring air supply, clearing their regulator, communicate using hand signals, clearing their mask and much more!

Once all the basic skills are done there will be a further 2 sessions that children can choose from this list of 10:

  1. Creature ID Specialist
  2. Environmental Specialist
  3. Inner Space Specialist
  4. Navigation Specialist
  5. Night Specialist
  6. Safety Specialist
  7. Search & Recovery Specialist
  8. Skin Diver Specialist
  9. Snapshot Specialist
  10. Wreck Specialist

Each of these Aquamissions will help children understand one of the specialties in much better detail. Only 2 of these can be chosen, so for children who complete the PADI SEAL Team program on the first year and still have not reached the correct age for the PADI Open Water Course can go ahead and do all the Aquamissions in the second year!

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