PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

So you've done your PADI Open Water course and you're ready to take on greater depths! The PADI Advanced Open Water course will allow you to greatly increase your underwater navigation capabilities, above this it will also increase your maximum depth from 18 metres to 30 metres. By giving you this new skill set you will be able to dive a bunch of new sites around Cape Town, one of them being the famous Smitswinkel Wrecks that lay in False Bay. The PADI Advanced Open Water course also gives you a choice of 3 adventure dives; these may include underwater photography, night diving, boat diving, wreck diving, fish identification and much more! You will leave this course with not only a certification, but with a whole new vision of where you can go with SCUBA diving!

As you may know by now, your SCUBA certification is only as good as the instructor who presents it. With that said we can assure you that at Ollava our courses are the best you can find in and around Cape Town. Our Instructors are all handpicked and have many years of experience in the Cape Peninsula and False Bay. So don't settle for second best.


  • Be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent from another organisation
  • Be 15 years or older (persons between the ages of 12 and 14 can become Junior Advance Open Water divers, this will only increase their maximum depth to 22 metres instead of 30 metres)
  • Be medically fit to SCUBA dive (click here for the PADI medical questionnaire)

Day 1 - Introduction and Theory: You come to collect your PADI Advanced Open Water materials from our Simon's Town facility. We will then brief you with regards to the self study portion you need to complete at home. This should take no longer than 3 hours.

Day 2 - Theory and Skill Development/Assessment: We will cover all the theory you completed at home. Once this is covered and properly understood we will go straight in to the SCUBA diving portion of the course. We usually start off with the 3 adventure dives you chose. From there we may be busy until late at night if you chose the Night Dive Adventure Dive as one of your options. We will do a total of 3 dives through the day.

Day 3 - Skill Development/Assessment: For the last day of your PADI Advanced Open Water course you will do a dive between the depths of 18 metres and 30 metres which will serve as the deep dive portion of your course. You will also do a dive that will greatly increase your navigation capabilities.


The PADI Advanced Open Water Course has a massive emphasis on the practical aspects required to take your diving skills to a new level. With this said, the theory is not at all overlooked. You will have to complete a self-study portion of the course that covers the deep diving and navigation aspects of SCUBA diving. You will also be able to chose from an array of 15 adventure dives, these will include deep diving, night diving, fish identification and much more. Whichever of these you decide to choose will come with a self-study portion that you will need to go through at home.

The theory section for the PADI Advanced Open Water course will thus cover 5 sections where two are compulsory and the other three are for you to choose. These 5 sections are covered in Knowledge Reviews found in your PADI Advanced Open Water Manual that you will receive during the introduction portion of the course. The next time we meet we will mark the Knowledge Reviews you did and cover all the concepts you did not understand before.

The PADI Advanced Open Water course has no exam, the only portion of theory are the Knowledge Reviews.

Skills Development

Because the PADI Advanced Open Water course is an experience based course it aims to build on your diving knowledge by familiarising you with new experiences with the added supervision of a PADI professional.

None of the skills learned during this course are first practiced in a confined setting such as a swimming pool. Instead you are given a very detailed briefing before each of the dives and then run through the new environment straight after, developing your skills as you dive.

There are two compulsory dives during the PADI Advanced Open Water course, these are the Deep Dive and the Underwater Navigator Dive. The reason for these being compulsory is so that you are now confidently able to go below the previous depth limit of 18 metres and now dive to an advanced depth of 30 metres.

The optional adventure dives are the following:

AWARE Fish identification - You’ll learn how to identify characteristics of local fish families and species. You will also learn fish survey techniques and how to practice fish identification dive planning, organization and procedures.

Boat Diver - You'll learn basic tips, tricks and ways to dive from boats ranging from small inflatable to giant live-aboard. You will also learn how to safely enter and exit the water. And lastly you will learn how to use surface lines to initiate or conclude your dives.

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