PADI Discover SCUBA Diving (Try Dive)

This is both an affordable and immediate way to see if SCUBA Diving is for you. The PADI Discover SCUBA Diving program is a way in which we can offer you a dive today.

All you need to do is contact us before noon and you can be diving before the end of the day.

During the Discover SCUBA Diving program you will have the opportunity to get familiar with SCUBA equipment through firstly diving in a swimming pool or confined water. If you feel confident enough after the confined water session you will also have the option of going to one of our protected dive sites in the ocean where you will experience what it is to be a SCUBA diver.

So don't waste any time, give us a call so we can get in the water!

Day 1 - Introduction and Skill Development: When you come in to the facility we will immediately jump in to some basic SCUBA diving theory, this mainly consists of the hazards you should look out for and all the things you can expect to do and see during the experience. As soon as the theory is behind us we will get in to the pool where you will experience breathing underwater! If weather permits we may even go straight to one of our confined water spots in the ocean!

Day 2 (optional) - You will have an option of going to the ocean and doing a dive to a maximum depth of 12 metres! This dive will be done at one of the top shallow spots in and around Cape Town, depending on where the weather permits!


This part of the course goes very quick, however a large emphasis is put on making sure you fully understand all the concepts. We use the PADI Discover SCUBA flipchart to run through all the points. During the presentation you will fill in a small questionnaire that will later be worked through to make sure you understood all key points.

Skills Development

Once all theory s completed we will head out to the pool or a confined water spot in the ocean where we will go over a few skills. Once all skills are covered you will have the opportunity to roam around and explore the new underwater world!

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