Padi Open Water Course (Beginner Course - 18m/60ft)

The PADI Open Water course is the starting point for those of you who are interested in becoming SCUBA Divers. The course is aimed at training SCUBA divers who are confidently and comfortably able to enter the underwater world using SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) equipment to a maximum depth of 18 metres in an open water environment. During the course you will practise an array of safety skills and cover the basics of dive theory, confined water skills and open water skills to obtain the PADI Open Water Diver certification. 

Even though we believe that Cape Town is the best place to dive, you will not be limited to these waters. Your PADI Open Water certification is internationally recognised with more than 70% of the world's divers being PADI certified.

By doing your PADI Open Water course through Ollava you are not only acquiring a SCUBA Diving certification, but you are also getting the best quality training available in and around Cape Town.

Our team of professional instructors are handpicked and our facility has the best kept equipment in the area. Don't settle for second best.


Day 1 - Introduction and Theory: You come to collect your PADI materials from our Simon's Town facility. We will then brief you with regards to the self study portion you need to complete at home. This should take no longer than 3 hours.

Day 2 - Theory and Skill Development: This will be a full day where we will be rounding off all the theory you completed. We will however spend most of the day in the swimming pool where we will go over all the basic PADI Open Water skills.

Day 3 - Assessment: Finally we have managed to get the crawling portion of the courses behind us and now it's time to SCUBA dive the waters around Cape Town. Where exactly we will dive is something we need to decide on closer to the time due to weather conditions, but it will either be around Simon's Town or Hout Bay/Camp's Bay side. We will do two dives and it will take up the whole day.

Day 4 - Assessment: On the final day of your PADI Open Water course you will once again do two dives. These dives will be set in slightly more challenging conditions and will have an area of skill assessments that will round you off as a confident SCUBA diver. Once all skills are completed you will receive the PADI Open Water certification!

For more information on the above sections please read below.


During the theory section of the PADI Open Water you are required to go through a process where the most important key points are repeated over three different instances to ensure the concepts are properly understood.

  1. Knowledge Development: during this part of the theory you will read through five chapters in the PADI Open Water diver manual and answer the Knowledge Reviews at the end of each chapter. This theory is then marked by your instructor and all questions you missed are clarified to you. This will serve as your basis of SCUBA diving theory.
  2. Quizzes: this part will only take place once you are confident with the knowledge you obtained from the previous section. During the Quizzes part you will answer five multiple choice quizzes based on the five Knowledge Reviews you answered previously. You will need to achieve a mark of no lower than 8/10 for each quiz and have the answers that were missed answered by your instructor.
  3. Final Exam: when you are happy with the knowledge you have build from the first two parts you will move on to writing the PADI Open Water diver exam. This consists of 50 multiple choice questions where you need to achieve a minimum of 75%.
Skills Development

The first time you venture below the surface and enter the underwater world will be during this part of your PADI Open Water Course. We will be going through all the basic skills you will require during your ocean experience. By running these skills in a confined environment we encourage you to safely practice your SCUBA motor skills.

The PADI Open Water course has a series of skills that are not only essential on every dive, but are also very important to master in case of an emergency during an open water dive. Our ambition is to get you to achieve mastery at all the motor skills no matter how long it takes. If both you and our professional team of SCUBA Instructors do not agree that you are ready for the next phase of the course we will extend this session in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible using SCUBA diving equipment.


Once you have achieved mastery at all skills and you are comfortable using SCUBA equipment in a confined environment, it's time for the next phase of the PADI Open Water course!

During this phase you will start focusing much more on the real world application of the skills you learned in the swimming pool. We will take you on four dives around False Bay and the Cape Peninsula surrounding the beautiful city of Cape Town. Each dive will build on the previous one expand your SCUBA knowledge by a landslide. By the end of the dives you will confidently be able to control your buoyancy, monitor your air and be able to deal with an array of emergency situations. You will be ready to take on the underwater world down to 18 metres of open water with the company of a dive buddy!

Once we feel you have mastered all the concepts we will present you with the PADI Open Water certification. You will then be able to join us on dives around Cape Town to a maximum depth of 18m in open water!

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