Would you like to join for a dive?

If you'd like to join me for guided dives, we can book in advance for specific dates. I highly recommend considering a multi-day booking to ensure the best possible experience. This way, we can closely monitor the weather conditions and choose the most suitable day for our dive, ensuring optimal visibility and safety beneath the waves.

Kelp Forests

Usually accessed from the shore, the kelp forests are always a great way to start diving the Cape!


There's a reason this is called the Cape of storms!

Temperate Reefs

The biomass on our temperate reefs is absolutely mind blowing!

One dive a day

One dive a day is chosen for a more enjoyable experience.

colder water conditions are physically more demanding

limited weather windows often only allow for one dive

take a relaxed approach to the day, ensuring divers' safety and allowing time for other activities

Price per dive

The cost will depend on what we do on the day, with the major difference in price being determined by the boat and scooter fees. All prices include full equipment rental.

Shore Dive


Boat Dive


Scooter/DPV Dive