PADI Open Water Course

Open Water Scuba Diving course teaches safe diving with scuba gear in open water. It includes theory, pool training, open water dives, and leads to an entry-level certification for recreational diving.

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Theory - PADI eLearning

Participants learn the fundamental principles and concepts of scuba diving. This includes understanding the physics of diving, the effects of pressure, gas laws, equipment usage, dive planning, safety procedures, and environmental awareness.

PADI eLearning is an online platform that allows divers to study theory at their own pace through interactive modules. After completing the online portion, divers practice skills in the water with an instructor to become certified.


During the PADI open water scuba course, you will have 5 pool sessions spread across a minimum of 3 days. This extended timeframe allows for more comprehensive learning. Revisiting the subject with a fresh mind each day enhances retention and skill development. It also provides time to sleep on the material, reinforcing understanding and boosting overall confidence before venturing into the open water. This approach ensures that you gain a solid foundation and enjoy a safer and more fulfilling scuba diving experience in the long run.


Similarly, during the open water scuba course, you will also conduct 6 ocean dives, but with a paced approach. You'll perform one dive each day when you head to the ocean. This deliberate scheduling offers several benefits. It allows for more focused attention on each dive, ensuring a thorough understanding of the underwater environment and the opportunity to fine-tune skills.By doing one dive per day, you have time to process the experience, reflect on any challenges or learning points, and discuss them with your instructor. This reflection period enables you to approach the next dive with a fresh mindset and a greater readiness to apply what you've learned.Overall, this method of spacing out the ocean dives promotes a safer and more enjoyable learning experience, as it minimizes fatigue and information overload while maximizing knowledge retention and skill development throughout the course.

Course Schedule

9:00AM - 2:00PM on all days

Day 1- Theory and pool dive
Day 2 - Pool and ocean dive
Day 3 - Ocean dive
Day 4 - Ocean dive
Day 5 - Pool and ocean dive
Day 6 - Ocean dive
Day 7 - Ocean dive

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