All training starts on an individual basis and ends with a team

Starting a scuba diving course on your own offers personalized attention, faster progression, and the chance to expand your comfort zone. It helps build decision-making skills and allows you to pursue individual goals. Later, adding team mates enhances the social aspect, fosters camaraderie, provides a support system, and ensures safety through the buddy system during dives. This combination makes the diving journey more enjoyable and enriching overall.

Focusing on diving fundamentals

Diving fundamentals are essential skills for safe and enjoyable scuba diving, including buoyancy control, equalization, safety procedures, communication, and environmental awareness. Mastering these skills ensures confident and responsible diving experiences. This is why scuba diving courses should be longer, as they provide sufficient time for divers to thoroughly learn and practice these fundamentals under the guidance of experienced instructors, ensuring a solid foundation and enhancing overall diving competence.

PADI Course Prices

Begin with the end in mind.

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Open Water

6 days - 6 ocean dives - 3 pool dives - Equipment included


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6 days - 6 ocean dives - 1 pool dive - Hard gear included


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4 days - 4 ocean dives - 2 pool dives - Gear not included


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Nitrox Specialty

2 days - 2 ocean dives


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